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Bombeiros (firefighters) secure the Monchique houses
by Bright Homes Algarve - 12-09-2016

Early September, during almost 5 days a huge fire raged on the western slopes and foothills of the Foia. The fire was lit and the perpetrator was arrested. Beautiful nature areas were burnt, but will recover. Unbelievable but true: all houses have been spared. Through the efforts of the residents, but especially the fantastic work of firefighters. Fire departments from across Portugal have worked together to fight the fires. With airplanes and helicopters a water bombing was carried out around the houses from the air. Great appreciation and respect for all people who have entered the battle with the forces of nature and have overcome.

This picture, with Vrank Zwiers bravely fighting the fire, was taken close to a house that recently was sold in Monchique through Bright Homes Algarve in collaboration with Imochique. The current occupant may enjoy again all the beauty that Monchique has to offer, with confidence in the knowledge, skills and commitment of the Bombeiros.

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