Inmuebles Destacados
Inmuebles Destacados

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Living in the Algarve

An exploration journey to your property in the Algarve

Our drive is that you will lead a happy life in the Algarve. We secure that by finding your place here, the property that ticks all your boxes. Usually it is a discovery of what the Algarve has to offer and what makes your heart beat faster.

It often requires a tour through the area: the villages, the beaches, nature areas, shops, restaurants, schools and medical facilities. But also an exploration of everything that is part of the purchasing process: legal and financial issues, insurance, renovations, etcetera. And always we of course visit the properties that may conform to your demands.
We are at your side all the way, also when you already live here. For example who may help you for renting out your property, or furnishing, or pool and garden maintenance. Just until you are completely satisfied, have found your place here.

We do not work from behind our desks, but go on tour with you, into the Algarve. Our international six language team consists of people with only one purpose in mind: that you also find your home here. Our personal attention and care, more than 12 years of experience and providing you with honest and reliable information will make you happy to work with Bright Homes Algarve as a partner and real estate agency. Your entrance into the Algarve.

  • Nueva propiedad

    Enjoy space, privacy and views in the hills behind LagosIn a popular residential area on a hill a few kilometers behind Lagos, with views from this villa to the city and the coast, you can enjoy life in the Algarve. This spacious villa combines delightfully free open spaces integrating with the surrounding garden areas and swimming pool, and characteristic Portuguese elements with atmospheric modern choices.
  • Portugal Fiscal Paradise

    Becoming fiscal resident in Portugal may bring you interesting tax exemptions in the next 10 years.
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    -- Disculpas, la traducción española seguirá --

    For Algarve property you can now visit our stand on A Place in the Sun in Birmingham this weekend. These wonderful guys have brought the sunshine with them!